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Copyright Law;, Royalti Managed;, The National Collective Management Institute


Songs and/or music are human creations that are protected by law. This means that the protection of songs and/or music is carried out to provide welfare to songwriters, both in economic and non-economic terms. This protection is regulated in a number of laws and regulations that apply in Indonesia, both from upstream namely the 1945 Constitution of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia to the lex specialist which is embodied in Government Regulation No. 56 of 2021. Also equipped with a Ministerial Regulation of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, and a number of other laws and regulations, the management of copyright royalties for songs/and or music in Indonesia has successfully passed the legal obscurity phase in 2021. This research method uses normative juridical research methods based on the incorporation of primary, secondary, and tertiary data collected based on library research. Management of Song and Music Copyright Royalties based on Government Regulation Number 56 of 2021 concerning Management of Song and/or Music Copyright Royalties is a form of optimizing the function of copyright royalty management in the field of songs and music based on the provisions contained in Article 87, Article 89, and Article 90 of the Copyright Law Number 28 of 2014. In Government Regulation Number 56 of 2021 there are institutions that have their respective functions to optimize the implementation of song and music royalty management The National Collective Management Institute (LMKN) is expected to immediately determine tariff regulations for songs and/or music contained in music services so that creators, copyright owners, and/or related rights holders get the maximum royalty