Desain Sistem Buka Tutup Pintu Rumah Otomatis Menggunakan E-Ktp Berbasis Arduino Uno


  • Jonner Manihuruk Universitas HKBP Nommensen
  • Tety Gamristi Manik Universitas HKBP Nommensen



Arduino Uno, RFID, Servo Motor, E-KTP


The current door lock system is still dominated by the use of conventional keys, making it less efficient for houses with many doors because there are too many keys to carry, besides that conventional locks are easily opened by thieves, so a more practical and efficient key is also safer and not easy to duplicate by thieves. From this problem, the author has an idea to produce a safe and practical RFID-based door opening tool by utilizing e-KTP as an RFID tag. Design and build and open the door using Arduino Uno as a circuit controller. Based on the test results, it can be concluded that the simulation of the door safety device can operate properly, according to the design made. The RFID reader used has a frequency of 13.56MHz which is attached to black acrylic with a thickness of 3 mm and can read e-KTP ID with a maximum distance of 1 cm. The selenoid will actively unlock the door and the servo motor will actively open the door if the e-KTP ID matches the Arduino Uno memory. Then it will close the door and lock it again within 15 seconds. If the door of the house is tried to be opened with an e-KTP ID that is not registered in the Arduino memory, the buzzer will sound and the red LED will light up as an alarm and the solenoid remains in the locked position. The design is also equipped with manual operation using a button placed on the inside of the door, making it easier to open the door when you want to leave the house.


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