Sistem Monitoring Jarak Jauh Kondisi Rumah Tinggal Berbasis Arduino



Arduino Mega, IOT, Servo Motor, Ethernet Shield, Relay Module


Along with the times and the increasing economy of the community, the demand for safe and comfortable housing is increasing. As well as the use of the internet that without us realizing it is present in our daily lives makes us a society that is in the IoE (Internet off Everything) cycle, so I am interested in developing a remote monitoring technology for Arduino-based residential conditions with the concept of Internet Off Thing, discussing regarding the workings of the Arduino connection which is controlled through the website as a step in implementing the internet off thing. Using Wifi, direct computer and Arduino. With the writing of this article, it is hoped that further developers, both academic and non-academic, can know and learn the concept of a combination of remote monitoring systems for Arduino-based residential conditions and Internet Thing in a more interactive way, although the author realizes that there is still much to be improved and developed. from the article that the author made this.


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