Aransemen Lagu Buku Ende Hkbp “Haholongan Sian Ginjang” Pada Masa Pentakosta Dalam Format Paduan Suara Dengan Iringan Orkestra


  • Juliana Sirait Universitas HKBP Nommensen
  • Kamaluddin Galingging Universitas HKBP Nommensen


Arrangement,, Songs,, Buku Ende,, Orchestra.


This article discusses the presentation of the arrangement of Church songs taken from the Buku Ende. Arrangement is composistion of song without hiding the value of the song. This arrangement consist of five songs presented, namely “Haholongan Sian Ginjang" in the form of choir and orchestra. Teh Song “O Tondi Parbadia I Bongoti” in the form of choir and orchestra. The Song “O Pangapul Na Lumobi” in the form of a choir accompanied by flute and piano instruments. The Song “Roma Ho Parasi Roha”in solo vocal format and accompanied by an orchestra. The Song “Sai Songgopi Hamion” in the form of choir and orchestra. These songs are written in the form of scientific writing presented in recital form. The techniques used are repetition, modulation, and tecniques on the instrument namely dynamics, legato, staccato, ritardando, accent, trill, and trmolo.