An Analysis Of Figurative Language In The Song Lyrics of Map of The Soul : 7 Album

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Feby Chintya Nainggolan
Rotua Elfrida


This study aims to find the types and the meanings of figurative language used in the lyrics of BTS
songs on the album Map of the Soul: 7. The writer uses Abrams's theory (1999) in identifying the
types of figurative language used. This study uses a descriptive qualitative analysis method in
analyzing the data. The data were obtained from BTS songs contained in the album Map of the
Soul: 7. This album has 19 songs, there are Interlude: Shadow, Outro: Ego, Intro: Persona, My
Time, Black Swan, On, Filter, Friends, Moon, Inner Child, 00:00, Respect, UGH !, We Are
Bulletproof: The Eternal, Jamais Vu, Dionysus, Make It Right, Boy With Luv and Louder Than
Bombs. There were 53 data found. From the analysis, the writer found several types of figurative
language used, there are 1 data of Synecdoche (1.88%), 1 data of Paradox (1.88%), 1 data of
Sarcasm (1.88%), 1 data of Allusion (1.88%), 3 data of Apostrophe (5.67%), 3 data of Symbol
(5.67%), 5 data of Simile (9.44%), 5 data of Antithesis (9.44%), 10 data of Hyperbole (18.86%),
11 data of Metaphor (20.76%), and 12 data of Personification (22.64%). The most dominant type
of figurative language in the data is Personification. The writer found that BTS used some imgery
on non-human objects as if they were acting like humans. In the data (2) "but my growing shadow
swallows me and becomes monster", as is a well-known shadow is an object that is dark in color
and has properties. However, in the song Interlude: Shadow, the word shadow is described as
something that can act like a human that is swallowing. In the data, BTS describes that the shadow
is like the fear they have in the future that can later bring down their current career.


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